Abu Rawash or Abu Roash: Pharaoh Djedefra Pyramid Burial Site

From Abu Rawash, Pharaoh Djedefra Pyramid, can be see an remarkable view of the Giza Pyramids Valley, is possible to see all the pyramids mot only from Giza (The Great Pyramids), but as well, extends as far as the Sakkara, Dashur pyramids, which all were built, during the Egyptian "Old Empire Period", the pyramid's Golden Historical Period of Ancient Egyptian. Pharaoh Djedefra, was the son successor of renowned monarch Khufu or Kheops, second Pharaoh of the 4th Dynasty, who did built the Great Pyramid. Since, Djedefra was also the High Priest of Heliopolis the center of Sun worshiping, and reason why, he went further north of Giza and closer to Heliopolis to make his pyramidal burial monument.

Since this pyramid was built in a much elevated ground the rest of the pyramids look diminished from this higher level of observation; Although, that this pyramid is in large part destroyed, there is not much left but the basic structure of its construction, nevertheless, from what is left of its construction it’s possible that this pyramid reached the dimensions of the third Giza pyramid but as it stood in a crossing-roads site, therefore, is not much left of its construction for since as time passed by and pharaohs lost their power, the stones that made this pyramid were used for other constructions by people that probably ignored their background character or had significant needs or totally ignored than their historical significance at the moment.

From Abu Rawash or Abu Roash Egyptian Pharaoh Djedefra Pyramid