Abydos Temple : “The place where Osiris Resurrected” was built by Pharaoh Seti I

Abydos was the first capital of dynastic Egypt in Upper Egypt, is located about three hundred miles south of Cairo, was built close to the Nile on the western side of the river. Matter of fact, Abydos one of the most ancient cities in Egypt, that was taken as the supposed site where Osiris was resurrected with the care and magic-ability of goddess Isis, his sister al wife, as well in his resurrection, participated goddess Nephthys, also his sister, Set’s wife, who was his murderer. Abydos also was the place where the Head of Osiris was preserved after the dismembering of his body done by his brother Set, facts that gave it much importance. As well, in Afterlife Osiris with the help of the Sky gods was able to come back to this world and became the deity-god of the afterwards Judgment; consequently, Abydos was the most sacred city to worship Osiris. Therefore, Osiris and Abydos were associated with the resurrection event, because, Osiris was able to return to life again after his assassination, in this same place.

Abydos Temple External View

Now Abydos is one of the best preserved temples, was built by the pharaoh Seti I, son of Ramses I and father of Ramses II of the nineteenth dynasty, all three belong to “New Egyptian Empire” period, however, these other pharaohs also did built Temples there, honoring Osiris.

This temple, is also well-known, because, there are found a chronological list of the dynastic Egyptian pharaohs that ruled Egypt till the time of Ramses I. There, also are rooms dedicated to other gods like Amon Ra, Ptah, Sokar, Heru or Horus.

Abydos, also was an ancient royal cemetery the place where early predynastic rulers and members of the first two dynasties were entombed, and where, most ancient Egyptians will have the desire to be buried or where, his body will be taken in peregrinate after death, before being buried in his own home-area, and for the reason that, Abydos, also was related to the entrance to Amenti, an imaginary place in the western side of the Sky or the death-underworld where Osiris was King and Judge, and the god who had the supernatural-power to give eternal life.

Abydos temple wall decorations

Many ancient rulers have built temples there, form predynastic times till the thirties Egyptian dynasty, and on; during the fifth dynasty Pepi I built a chapel, Senwosret III of the twelve dynasty of the "Middle Empire" period; Ahmes I the founder the eighteen dynasty, after liberating Egypt for the Hyksos did built his funerary-complex there, it is also possible that Ahmes I did constructed the last pyramid built in Egypt, Thotmes III, the "Great Warrior" and most famous pharaoh of eighteen dynasty, also did built a chapel there.

Ramses II also built a Temple at a short distance, of his father’s Temple, known as the Cenotaph a magnificent temple in pink and black granite, and even so that, it is not so well preserved, denotes that, this center was probably, one of the finest temples that Ramses II ever built in honor to god Osiris.

After the Greek ruled in this place, is when Abydos started to lose its influence.

Abydos internal columnade
Abydos or Abtu Temple Egypt “The place where Osiris Resurrected”