Dashur Egypt Seneferu's Bend and Red (First True Pyramid Ever Built) Pyramid

Dashur is actually the crucible of the true pyramid, after A failed tentative to create a True pyramid in Medium, the Pharaoh Seneferu's (the Beautiful or Wonderful) founder of the fourth dynasty, father of Cheops the famous pharaoh who built the Great pyramid at Giza Valley; eagerly worked to made two more consecutive pyramid constructions tentative, before reaching his wishful desire; the first was the “Bended Pyramid”, for some reason that involve the construction calculations, the architect in charge, had to change the height slope angle of the pyramid form in order to escape his destruction, a feature that gave the particular form that this pyramid has.

Red pyramid the first true pyramid

The third and successful attempt was the "Red Pyramid" that even so that is bigger than the smallest of the famous pyramids of Giza, does not receive the attention that it deserves, by being the first True pyramid ever built.

Pharaoh Seneferu, certainly does not have the deserved consideration, not only for his perseverance to achieve this laudable concept of construction, being the Farther of the True pyramidal structure, and also he was the Pharaoh that has built the greatest pyramidal structure dimensions, a real fact if the total-volume of these three pyramid he built are added, probably this matter is because the pyramids that he made, were outshined by the two bigger pyramids built at Giza.

Probably the effort and resources to get the True pyramids, did left much apart the constructions of funerary temples, although, they were significantly improved in later times, during the fifth Dynasty, matter of fact, the development of Temples brought with it the reduction in the expenses of the pyramids mass finishing, which eventually were reducing in size, type of workmanship and materials, in comparison to the Temples build in the same place and time, which shows that the Temples had a greater importance than the Pyramids built after the fourth Egyptian Dynasty.

TheBend Pyramid

The wonderful masonry-quality of this pyramid also is much deserving, nevertheless, was also surpassed by the grandiosity of the Great pyramid built by his son.

During the twelfth Dynasty, there was a tendency to use adobes rather than rock-blocks for the construction of the pharaohs pyramids, since the Mud had a direct connection to Germination, a feature that had much relation to de Osiris rituals, which, were becoming in vogue at that time "Middle Egyptian Empire" which was when this change in building material took effect.

The "Black Pyramid" was a failed attempt of pharaoh Amenemhet III, trying to make a complete adobe pyramid, this pharaoh, then he did built another Pyramid farther south, in Hawara, but this time, the structure done with Stones, but the finishing was entirely done with Adobes (Mud blocks). After this pyramids construction phase ended, with some exceptions, like small pyramid built by Ahmes I in Abydos, the greatest Osiris honoring city, but nothing of significant influence was ever done after.

The mub brick Pyramid

Amenemhet II and Senwosret III the most famous pharaohs of the twelfth dynasty built their pyramids at Dashur they were made of sun-dry (Mud) bricks or adobes with Stone internal structure that now looks like a Hill or Choline, nevertheless, they were manmade.

Senwosret III built this pyramid close to Memphis and also built the only Obelisk that today stands in Heliopolis (the outmost Sun worshiping Center of Ancient Egypt), but now, just a Cairo suburb. Senwosret III also built other religious structures in many prominent religious Centers all over Egypt like Abydos and others.

Dashur Egypt true pyramids cresol