Dendera’s Zodiac Temple Qena-Egypt
Dendera or Dandara ceiling Zodiac.
Although, this Zodiac has Greek influence, it also has Egyptian implications, because, the Zodiac is a Sky sector (strip) where Stars and Planets move in the Sky following the imaginary Sun Path or trajectory during the entire year; therefore, it is an Astronomy knowledge that goes back in Time thousands of years log before Humans Beings became dependent on agriculture.
Dendera was one of the greatest Egyptian centers of Astronomic Observation, with the outmost technology known at that Time when this Temple was built in Ancient Egypt. Even so that there is evidence that of construction, took place in this area since the "Old Empire Period" the main and biggest Temple, names of Pharaohs who ruled during the "Late Dynastic Period" are found there, which indicates that this temple was built a few centuries before this Era.
Ancient Egyptians thought, that Planet and Stars floated in some sort of Sky Water in order to be able to move in the sky, and for such reason, they portrayed with Reed Boats or Wings their deities and Supernatural Beings, supposed to be in the Sky, enjoying their next to come Eternal Life.
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Zodiac Dendera Temple ceiling