Edfu temple the place where the battle between the gods Heru (Horus) and Set took place.

The Egyptian Temple Edfu was built as a remembrance of the place where the battle between the gods Heru (Horus) and Set took place.

Interior view

Edfu temple, was built by the Greek rulers who related this God to their God Apollo; this temple is oriented North-South and not East-West as the former ancient temples in the vicinity, however, its Structural Foundations date back to the “Old Egyptian Empire” period.

The original Edfu Temple, was built commemorating the place where took place the Mythological battle between Gods Horus and Set and its location, was supposed to specify the exact location where this battle took place.

Edfu Temple is situated about 100 kilometers from Aswan, and the whole assembly took close to three hundred years to complete, much of the previous structures found in the area, indicates its early start, but much work was done during "New Egyptian Empire" where pharaohs like Seti I, Ramses II and Ramses III also built specific edifications at the time that well-known Theban Necropolis was also being built, motherless, Egyptian continue adding to the Temple as far as the thirtieths dynasty, the time when a Shine with a top ending in a pyramided form resembling an Obelisk was added.

Edfu Temple Egypt

Heru or Horus, was a falcon-headed god, sometimes appears with the North, and South, kings Crown or the Sun Circle; also he is often represented, just as a falcon and other times as a Lion; nevertheless, at Edfu Temple Horus preferred representations of this God, is as the Unifier of North and South with his anthropomorphous body and Falcon Bird- Head characteristics, wearing the White and Red Unifier Head-dress.

At Edfu,S there was also a significant importance to embody goddess Hathor as God Horus Wife together with their Son, as she was the life giver and goddess of birth, the mother of all, as well there were preferences for the benevolent God Bess, the Draft god that protected woman at childbirth, and who also was a god of Travelers, as well.

Yearly at Edfu, was the commemoration of a large festivity, that was done honoring the Divine Coupling of these gods, it consisted, in bringing the Central respect statue of the Goddess Hathor from her prime Sanctuary at Dendera; they brought her body-image in a barge so that this goddess will achieve an annual reunion with her husband Heru, as a way to commemorate the ceremonial event. detail in the walls

Now a day,S in a special room, is kept a replica made of wood, like the legendary ritualistic ship that was used at that Time.

The God Horus, had may forms and names that referring to him, the Name or appearance that God Heru was worshipped at Edfu, was Horus Behedet, since the place where this Temple stands, was known in Ancient Times as Behedet, and probably is the same Sacred Pace name that appears in many of the inscriptions of the royal tombs of Thebes refer to this Temple.

This site was also well known for its foundries, and this Metal-Workers were associated with God Heru or Horus characteristics, which in accordance with their mythology, was God Heru or Horus who made a chain to overcome Set in battle.

Edfu Temple Egypt, where the battle between the gods Heru or Horus and Set took place.