Menemhet III pharaoh nineteen century B.C adobe pyramid at Hawara
Hawara Pyramid Egypt Fayyum or Faiyum oasis built by Pharaoh Amenemhet III

Egyptian 12th Dynasty

Pharaoh Amenemhet III was a twelve dynasty pharaoh of the “Meddle Egyptian Empire”, during the most prosperous times of this dynastic period.

For the reason that Amenemhet III run into structural problems building the "Black Pyramid" at Dashur, by using adobes (mud-bricks) rather than stone-blocks there in not much left from this pyramid, nonetheless, this pharaoh did not stop, and decided to build a second pyramid at Hawara, south of Dashur in the Fayum area.

At Hawara, Pharaoh Amenemhet III, continued to use adobe, but as well, he used roc-bricks to strengthen the main-sustentation structures. The Hawara pyramid got great-renown by adding a Labyrinth construction designs in front of the pyramid.

Hawara Pyramid Egypt Faiyum oasis