Karnak Temple Gods Amon Ra, Mut, Khensu and Min Temples

A Ceremonial Walkway ornamented with Ram headed Sphinxes at each side, is the way leads or joins to the main entrance gate to the Karnak Temple Complex, which is the Temples compound, which is one of the most famous Temples of antiquity, it was part of the ancient city Thebes, (at present Luxor city) the capital of Egypt during the “New Egyptian Empire” Time period, when Ancient Egypt reached its highest Historical Glory standing.

Sacred lake at Karnak luxor

It is the biggest Temples Conglomerate of Egypt and probably the greatest Temple Complex in the world, for the point that there can be found abundant Architectonical Colossal work in the immense ground of about 250 acres that this complex covers.

Karnak, was consecrated to honor its local Gods: Amon, Mut and their son Khonsu, Gods that fit in the Theban Divine Triad. God Khonsu for some reason with Time gained Power or Influence replaced the earlier ancient Theban god Menthu, which was the earlier-true Son of Gods Amon-Mut union.

Because of multiple representations of their supreme God Amon with the attributes of their God Min at the entrances of the principal enclosures of Karnak holy-areas, indicates that this temples system was also dedicated to Fertility honoring and worshiping.

Thebes flourished, at the Time, when Pharaoh Ahmes I managed to beat in War the Hyksos and by so unified once again Egypt to get its Empire status, and, since, at that historical time, the God Amon was the chief deity of the ancient Theban city, whose habitants credited those Gods as the providers of the force that liberated the Nation from its oppressors since at that time was thought that the Sky ruled over men actions and not his own Will and Determination Karnack interiror temples

Therefore this God symbol of the Triumph became the dominant God of Egypt, reaching its greatest effect during the rule of pharaoh Ramses III, Second Pharaoh of the Twentieth Dynasty, which perhaps was the last-of the most famous Rulers that Egypt ever got. An Empire that took a few thousand years to be build, taking into account that the pharaohs of the Eighteenth, Nineteenth, and Twentieth Dynasties were the pharaohs who did most of its buildings constructions during that historical Time period; however also is required to observe the repairs done during the Ptolemy period, although they were a Family that came from Greece, were assimilated to the Egyptian Dynasties, and thanks to their reconstruction efforts it is possible to see more about Ancient Egypt that already was been destroy or buried in the dessert-sands.

At Karnak, are also Temples to in honor of the gods: Menthu the ancient god of Thebes during the “Middle Egyptian Empire”, and Ptah the highest deity of Memphis, as well others who did weight in the Egyptian cosmogony concepts; however the most famous Temples of the Complex are the Temples dedicated to honoring Amon, Mut and Khensu, the local native Triad of the city. Also, there are a number of Temples made for their Pharaohs, Amenhotep II, Thotmes I, Ramses II and Ramses III, as well it is necessary to say that there also is an Obelisk that was made in times of the Queen Pharaoh Hatshepsut the most famous female pharaoh, which is an Obelisk of about 99 feet (30 meters) high, and weighs around 320 tons, Queen Pharaoh Hatshepsut is also known for the abundant contributions this Temple area, but years later after her death, her name was erased from the structures and whatever she did, by Thotmes III for unknown reasons.

Karmack Entrance

All the famous Egyptian pharaohs of this epoch contributed to the aggrandizement of this marvelous place that even today causes amazement and appreciation to the dedicated work in the time of its splendor.

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