Pharaoh Kheops or Khufu Giza Great Pyramid Afterlife Boats
Kheops or Khufu Afterlife Boats.

This is an artist concept about the meaning of resent news concerning the finding of a second afterlife boat by the side of the Great Pyramid built by pharaoh Khufu or Kheops(in Greek) under the directions of Dr. Afifi Rohim, chief inspectors of the pyramids Giza-Egypt.

Pharaohs in ancient Egypt believe that it was necessary to use boat to navigate the sky or heaven; it possible that one represented the morning boat (getting strong or youth) and the other that afternoon boat (getting weak or old age boat) for the reason that that they are emplace fallowing the trajectory of the sun East West.

But as well as ancient Egyptians thought that the pharaoh alter death, he will transform into Osiris, the night sun or lunar god and they also believed that early in the morning as the sun rose, their god Khepera will come to life again every morning like the daylight sun does as a symbol of eternal life, therefore it is also possible that ancient Egyptians as well were using this boats to represent the night boat and the morning boat to represent the daily rebirth of the pharaoh as a sun deity.

For such reason opens a good question: Are there more mythological boats around this pyramid? Or these boats played both rolls.
Kheops pyramid afterlife boats