Medium Pyramid Egypt: Pharaohs Huni and Seneferu attempts for a true Pyramid

MMedium Pyramid also known as the “False or Failed Pyramid” and other not pleasant names, matter of fact the first attempt to build a True-pyramid, but there are different strange and controversial reasons, who, why and how was made this Pyramid? Since there are many contradictions concerning the construction of this Pyramid and most off all, why, it is partially destroyed?

Medium Pyramid

The controversial continues, in relation as if it was a failure or a great attempt, stories tell that the casing fell down and buried all the workers that were at the place, others ponder the place.

Some studies show that this pyramid was started by Pharaoh Huni last pharaoh of the third dynasty father of Seneferu first pharaoh of the Fourth Egyptian Dynasty. The Dynasty (Family-clan) change came about because Pharaoh Seneferu, was a son of Pharaoh Huni, but in a secondary wife, but likely, by the fact that he married one of his sisters, rightful heiress of the throne gave Seneferu the right to be chosen as the new monarch, and it happens that Pharaoh Seneferu’s mother-side ancestry was a Rich and influential familiar-clan from the Medium region, of Great convenience for the throne and Egyptian unison. But how he starts a new Dynastic succession is a little confusing because Ancient Egyptians did not have a Dynastic qualification-concept idea, it’s a current model of organization-point of view created by modern archeologists, to facilitate the investigation or learning, the Ancient Egyptian pharaohs-sequences.

Meidum Pyramid

Some attribute this pyramidal idea to Pharaoh Huni and conclude that his son Seneferu, was as the ruling pharaoh who finished the pyramid; others only place Seneferu as the responsible for the pyramid project, since the region where this pyramid stands did corresponds to Seneferu Mother family-clan side, and there some, say that even say that this pyramid was intended to be his Mother’s Tomb. Nonetheless, The Medium Pyramid, was built, in the similar structural-technique like Sakkara’s Step Pyramid, but a filling was added to flatten the outer steps surface finishing. And the reason why, the structure catastrophe came about, is because, since at that time was mot previous building experience, there was an error base-foundations or filling-weight error calculation, and other factors, motivated the pyramids external structure collapsed, consequently, either by itself or an earthquake declutching factor that made the structure crash come about, must likely along with unfortunate number of workers Life lost.

Others are even in doubt if this pyramid ever had burial purposes, taking into account there was no sarcophagus found there, and the design project is different, than other pyramid meant for funerary purposes, but that ideas require much sustentation since the pyramid obviously was never completed.

Pharaoh Senerferu's Cartouche

But the facts show that it has a height of more than 295.2 feet (90 meters), made by seven step pyramid structure planned, to be filed later with a Casing-finishing that was going to make the final appearance as True-pyramid should look. The Casing or filling is the primary debatable topic, either because the material around the pyramid collapsed was not properly chosen, or the construction method, which cannot be precisely determined by the fact that, in later times, people took advantage of the material, using the pyramid as a quarry; as well that during the intermediate time-period, the pyramid was totally abandoned, and some people did used the pyramid for living purposes.

Eventually, his son Kheops who built the “Great Pyramid” changed the structure and religious concepts, since he changed the construction-axis position and moved its burial grounds closer to Heliopolis the Sun worship city, away from Memphis area, Memphis was a city related to the god Ptah with rituals related to resurrection and Heliopolis as it has been said, was related to the Sun worshiping and the Life-enlightenment ideas, this strong movement toward Sun worship probably casted a shadow over pharaoh Seneferu achievements, but as well, brought resentment toward pharaoh Khufu or Kheops because was too severe for some people to change so drastically, although the prosperity times during Kheops or Khufu made people follow its ideas.

Meidun Pyramid Egypt