Nobles Tombs West Nile Mountain Aswan Egypt

The Nobles Tombs of Upper Egypt in Aswan, are located at the West side of the Nile River, in a solid rock hill covered by sand, theoretically following the West direction of the daily Sun trajectory showing the way to the Eternal Resting Land.

Nobles Tombs Aswan

These Tombs can be easily accessed by Felucca, the local sail boats that are found in the area. The trip and the panoramic-sight provide a strong quiet relaxing atmosphere probably the reason why, this location was chosen as a perfect place for "Eternal Resting".

After a steep climb in a long stairway, made of stone-steps decorated with niches or false doors and windows, at each side of the trail, when finally takes to the top, near the end, appears another short trail, which conduces to the Tombs Complex of aligned cut in the rock Tombs made for the important, officials and their families in the Aswan region during Pharaonic Times.

It is an impressing climb to the top of the mountain, which probably gave to the ceremonial event, a formidable impact significant heavenly ascension to the concurrent participants, for the reason that Steps had a deep relation to their Gods Symbolism, and as well, was though at that Time, that Steps were a need to reach Heaven or their Afterward World.

Entrance to the Nobles tombs

Some of these tombs, are carved inside the mountain rock that is covered with sand where still are several well preserved tombs; they are side by side one after the other, attractively decorated with carved stone columns, paintings, altars of present and many other offering-Niches or fake door and windows, at the side of the existing rectangular tombs are located.

Certainly that they are not as valued as the Tombs found at the” West Valley” Thebes; anyway they are of superb workmanship quality and hieroglyphs describing their individual deeds, as well, paintings and objects related to Afterlife ceremonies.

Nevertheless, the whole place is an excellent Burial Complex with solemn stairs and decorated entrance doors, each guarded at both sides of each door by the representation of the person buried there, or that of a high-ranking somebody’s Spirit, seating or standing, positioned as keepers of the entrance, emulating some Osiris-Horus Tomb tradition similar to the Pharaoh’s Temple entrance, but in another hierarchical dimensions.

Walls decoration in the the Nobles Tombs

The external walls, are also ornamented with carvings of outstanding artistic talent, denoting the daily life or significant events of these noble men Life.

There are tombs honoring to the Overseers of the army, members of the priesthood of Upper Egypt and other influential people, as noble families.

As well some Family relatives were permitted to be in adjacent tombs adjoining to the their ancestor location, adding a number of contiguous tombs to the complex, which gives an idea as it was just an personal family burial Ceremonial center by their own.

Most of these tombs date from early times since they can be dated as far back to the Egyptian "Old", "Middle" and "New" Empires time periods and even to the Greco Roman advent.

Nobles Tombs Aswan Egypt