Thothmes or Thutmose  III       Greatest Warrior Pharaoh         Titulary Names
Pharaoh Thothmes III or Thutmose III (Born from Thoth) Titulary names at his Mortuary Temple West Valley, Luxor-Egypt.
Thothmes IIIwas a pharaoh of the 18th Egyptian Dynasty that ruled Egypt in the 15th Century BC. His name means, “Born from Thoth”, the God of Arts and Knowledge, He was a vigorous and intelligent person, which, since early age was lean for the military career and most likely became, the greatest Warrior Ruler that Egypt ever had, famous for his strategies, management performances and army weapons improvements, which gave him the opportunity to expanded the Egyptian territorial borders the to the East, to what is now Syria and to the South, Nubia, after seventeen arduous battle campaigns.
Pharaoh Thutmose III Titulary Names