Philae Goddess Isis and God Mandulis Temple in Aswan Egypt

Philae Temple is another temple of ancient Egypt that was saved and relocated in other island 550 kilometer from its original emplacement by the UNESCO during the Aswan Dam construction.

Facade of Philae Temple

Its origin goes back to Pharaoh Nectanebo I, the first ruler of the Thirtieth dynasty, considered the final Egyptian dynasty, of the “Late Egyptian” Pharaonic period. However its main structures were done during the Greco Roman period, just before the Christian Time period, when most of the Upper Egypt temples were repaired or rebuilt over by the Geeks descendant rulers and Roman officials. This temple, since it was located over the First Cataract, show in its ornamentations Nubian gods, like God Mandulis, a Nubian concept version of the Egyptian Solar God Heru or Horus.

This temple, was consecrated to the goddess Isis, one of the most ancient deities of Ancient Egypt, this goddess origins dates back to the earliest Egyptian Dynasties. She supposedly was born from the Sky Goddess Nut in stellar-union with God Seb, the patriarch of the Gods that represent the Earth Element; as well, from this union were born Isis’ brothers Osiris, Set and her inseparable Sister Nephthys.

colonnade at Isis temple

Osiris married his Isis, and from this union was born God Heru or Horus, the falcon headed-god; also is believed that from the union of Osiris and Nephthys was born Anubis the Jackal-headed God protector of the Tombs; because of the fact that there was a love-affair between Osiris and his sister Nephthys, Set in a temper rage, killed his brother Osiris, at the Time when Osiris was 28 year of age.

The story is quite long, but only some extracts will be used for the needs; Isis as widow raised her son Heru and hiding him in the papyrus marshes, to protect Horus from the revenge of Set. When was Heru young of age, died in consequence of a scorpion sting bite, however, Heru was resurrected by the magic words that were pronounced by Isis, this Magical Words were given to Isis by the Lunar God Thoth, the god of Knowledge. When Heru grew up, revenge the assassination of his father Osiris by killing Set after a long series of battles, representing the Victory of the Good against the Evil or the Existence against the Chaos.

Gods Heru and Anubis participated in the embalming the body of Osiris after the assassination; Osiris resurrected by the power that the gods or supernatural Sky beings had, who found Osiris innocent, and brought Him back to life again, at the same time, after his death, these deities made Osiris judged and god of the Dead, during the Osiris death, goddesses Isis and Nephthys assisted the in the resurrection of Osiris. Since the gods also converted Osiris in god; He became the Lord of resurrection, Lord of Life and was given the Celestial Throne to become the Ruler and Judge of Human deeds after the death.

Decorations at Philae Temple Aswan

Isis, besides being a goddess, also was a sorceress and got control of the Sun god Ra, by forcing him to reveal his Secret Name using her magic spells and tricks. Isis and Osiris name were written with a three-step hieroglyph, which means: Steps, Seat and Throne, the essence of meaning did changed much since the early Dynasties, in the beginning, her rituals were strictly reserved to Kings Throne matters, were Allegories exclusively to Pharaohs ceremonial rituals, and a must for a chosen applicant to become Pharaoh, but in later times included most of all. In Egypt, the rightful throne heir had to pass-through a Ritual-mortis Ceremony to become pharaoh and repeated it each 28 years of ruling period, emulating the Death and age of Osiris and afterward resurrection.

In the occurrence to become a Pharaoh, Isis takes the place of a Stellar Mother by giving to the Pharaoh, new life, the Spirit of the Sun God Heru or Horus, the power that She got from Ra, and attributes that Osiris got, by coming Back to Life by a resurrection Process. Nephthys name in hieroglyphs is Neb Het, the “Lady of the House or Temple” actually personification the Sky or Heaven in the proses of Spirit Incarnation, in the afterlife world where the pharaoh will integrate with Osiris a Lunar associated with the Night, and for such the Death, and turn into the Sun god Ra or Horus in the morning during resurrection-proses, as well. The reason why these goddess are always depicted in the pharaoh’s sarcophagus head and feet..

This ritual, at the times of the Old Empire was reserved only to the Pharaoh, during the “New Empire” was shared by nobles and the high priests, and during the “New Empire” become more accessible to other, it in probably that by the Greco Roman period, became even more popular; consequently, Isis as well became more accessible to all, and became the mother exemplar, goddess of love and childbirth, and the reason why, the worship of this goddess continued in Rome till the year 500 of the present era.

Philae Temple in Aswan Egypt