Ramesseun: Ramses II Mortuary Temple in West Valley Luxor (Thebes) Egypt

The Ramesseun, was built by Ramses II as his mortuary temple, since his tomb is in the Kings Valley, which obviously is one of the biggest Burial Tomb Complexes for reasons that Ramses II had over one hundred sons.

The Ramesseun, was built in the west side of the Nile River, at the entrance of the Kings Valley or Valley of the Dead, in the transition of the 13th and 14th century B.C.E, and like all the monumental architecture of the famous Pharaoh known as "The Great Builder". In this Funerary Temple, are a number of statues with about 65 feet high (20mters), representing Ramses II with all the relative to God Osiris Symbolism, denoting its hierarchical position in the afterworld.

Ramesseun: Ramses II Mortuaory Temple Egypt