Sphinx at Giza Plateau was god Heru or Horus monumental Temple
The Sphinx, at Giza or Gizah, Plateau Egypt, built during Pharaoh Djedefra or Djedefre reign, was the biggest Monument ever built in Egypt to God Heru or Horus.

Pharaoh Djedefra or Djedefre,
was the third pharaoh of the 4th Egyptian Dynasty, son and successor of Pharaoh Khufu or Kheops, who was the builder of the "Great Pyramid", Djedefra, although, there are many controversial theories, this pharaoh is now credited of building the Sphinx at Giza or Gizeh plateau near Cairo Egypt; the sphinx is the biggest monument ever built in Egypt to their god Heru or Horus since Djedefre besides being a pharaoh also was the high priest of An or Heliopolis, the oldest city built in the most dominant center of solar worship since predynastic Egyptian times and foremost Sun worshiping center in Ancient Pharaonic Egypt, as well.

The fact that Pharaoh Djedefra,
build this Pyramid farther North than Giza, but a few miles closer to the city of Heliopolis, in an area of much higher ground than Giza, known as Abu Rawash, indicates that the Royal Family had a change in their points of view concerning religious believes, by drifting towards Sun or Solar worshiping belief, however, today there is not much left of this pyramid that it might have stood about 65 meters high, like to Menkaure or Micerino’s Pyramid, the third but smaller pyramid of Giza plateau.

Pharaoh Djedefra is also by the fact that he was the first pharaoh to use before his name the inscription "Son of Ra", that later was followed by most all others pharaohs through the whole Egyptian Dynastic or Pharaonic Time Period.
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