Mentuhotep II 11th dynasty Egyptian Pharaoh, Egypt's "Middle Empire" Solar Temple

Pharaoh Mentuhotep II 11th dynasty pharaoh, came from a Theban family, ruled Egypt for about 50 years in the 21st century B.C. He reunited Egypt again after the first Intermediate Period that dismembered Egypt in small kingdoms, therefore, can be said that he is the first ruling pharaoh of the "Middle Empire" dynastic period.

It was thought that Ancient Thebes (today Luxor) was the capital city at that time for the reason that, this pharaoh did belonged to a powerful Family-clan from the city of Thebes, but actually is seemed that Itjatawy, was the historical capital city during that historical period of Time.

However, the city Itjatawy, was the capital city of the “Middle Egyptian Empire”, but this city has totally disappeared, probably is covered with the desert-sands, nonetheless, it is thought, that this city, probably was located in the Fayum area or in the outskirts of Memphis, the “Old Egyptian Empire” capital city, but the exact, location-point of this city, has not been precisely positioned at the moment. Is deductible that this city was chosen, to be the capital city, expected to fulfil compromises with other powerful allies in order to achieve, once again the Egyptian unification.

Pharaoh Mentuhotep II, did built his Mortuary-temple in the western section of Thebes, Pharaoh Mentuhotep II Temple, was a highly decorated building with square columns around its side walls and made a second stage on top of the main terrace, A construction feature that match that of a Solar Temple; furthermore, is also thought that he built his tomb in this same place, at the entrance to the West Valley or Valley of the Kings burial-complex in the Deir Bahri area west of Thebes.

Mentuhotep II, 12th dynasty Egyptian Pharaoh, Egypt’s Middle Empire Solar Temple at Deir el Bahri Luxor Kings Valley ancient Thebes.

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Mentuhotep II Solar Temple Egypt